Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I need walking shoes for my baby were can I get them?

I can not find a pair of hard bottem white walking shoes for my daughter I have been all over the net..can you all give me a website to find these hard bottom white walking shoes

I need walking shoes for my baby were can I get them?
Well, it is best to try a store, wal-mart, jcpenney, oshkosh will all have good ones.
Reply:I hear that Stride-Rite are really good, however, I just go to a local shoe store and get some good brand name shoes for my children (ages 2 %26amp; 3), such as Nike or Buster Brown.

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striderite.com %26lt;-- best ones
Reply:Try StrideRite or Buster Brown
Reply:I would try any good shoe store. They need to be supportive so your little one doesn%26#039;t twist his/her ankles. Shuster shoes,Buster Brown shoes , or any GOOD shoe store in the mall.
Reply:www.babystyle.com has rubber soles, and they are great for beginning walkers. I have the 6-12 month style and they are plain white tennis shoes, they are wonderful, i love them.

They are a bit pricey, (36$) but definitely worth it. They slip on her feet but are still tight enough to stay on even when she tries to take them off.

They are really good support for her feet too.
Reply:Have you tried Ebay, or Clarks?
Reply:are you wanting high top type shoes or tennis type shoes? go to the stride rite website they have all kinds
Reply:I suggest hard bottom but soft uppers. The white ones that were popular ages ago are not great for new walkers.
Reply:go to a childrens%26#039; shoe store. do not buy them on the net. they need to be professionally fitted.

They have the BEST shoes for kids. A bit pricey but SO worth it!
Reply:Wal-Mart carries walking shoes as does JCPenny and Younkers. I would personally take your child with you, and do not order over the net, to ensure a proper fit.
Reply:In my opinion Stride-rites are the best you can get for a new walker. They sell them at most department stores. I know I have seen the hard bottom shoes in stores like walmart and target in the baby section but I couldn%26#039;t find them on line.
Reply:try going to a store first like walmart,kmart or even payless. hard bottom shoes for first time walkers aren%26#039;t really a good idea. try getting something that moves with her foot. it will help her better with balance.

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